Most Reliable And Affordable Caretaker Services In Patna

At CIGI Services, we provide all kinds of caretaker services as the hiring of employees employed by private households to perform tasks such as cleaning, cooking, daycare, gardening, and personal services. It also includes performing similar recruitment tasks in institutions and public enterprises including hotels and pensions. When it comes to how your home looks, you have very high expectations. After all, your sweet home is a reflection of you. So why not leave the house for The maids, the professional cleaning service that 96% of customers would recommend to friends and family? Stay on time and find out why our customers praise our caretaker services. CIGI Services specialists offer quality, trust, professionalism, and attention every day. We have built our business for satisfied customers at a time on positive recommendations to complete all our services.

Looking for ultimate and reliable caretaker services at the most affordable prices then contact us today online or call us at 8877972022. Our trained staffs are always striving to serve you with the best caretaker services.

We at CIGI Services, always try to provide reliable caretaker services to each customer. We provide quality caretaker services and takes on the responsibilities of our customer's cleaning and maintenance of their house, apartment, offices, and others. Each house and organization is unique therefore the duties and responsibilities are also diversified and we are always ready to give our best to provide top class services to our customers.

Our Caretaker Services provides the following:

  • House Cleaning Services
  • Cooking Services
  • Day Care Services
  • Personal Care Services
  • Gardening Services