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Sofa Cleaning Services In Patna

The presence of dirt on a sofa or a couch becomes an inevitable truth as the time is by. You can easily book your service on just one call at 93417 57679. Chip crumbs often make their way into the cracks, drinks may get spilled, and pets track mud are often found everywhere on the surface of these durable items of home furnishings. Luckily, cleansing a settee is comparatively easy-all your wish may be fulfilled by just a single phone call and sparing a little amount of time.

Stop your sofa from becoming a playground for germs and creating a number of health problems for you and your family. CIGI brings the best-in-class & affordable sofa cleaning services in Patna to your doorstep. Getting your sofa deep cleaned also helps increase the lifespan and keep health problems away. CIGI cleaning Professionals use eco-friendly and chemical-free products. You can avail CIGI services for upholstery cleaning in Patna for all kind of sofa-sets by booking a sofa cleaning package or for individual sofa. So what for you are waiting, Contact CIGI professionals for sofa cleaning in Patna for a complete living room cleaning session. Contact Us Now or Just Make One Call - 93417 57679


  • Spotless clean sofa at the comfort of your home.
  • 5 Star cleaning agents that are safe on your sofa.
  • Stains removed and shine of your couch restored.
  • Odour free - quick drying process.